• TP: Tropopause level (mb)
  • MW: Max wind level (mb)
  • FRZ: Lowest freezing level (mb) or BG for below ground
  • WB0: Wet bulb zero (mb) or BG
  • PW: Precipitable water (in)
  • RH: Mean RH surface to 500 mb (%)
  • MAXT: Estimated max temperature (C) using a 150mb layer
  • TH: 1000-500mb thickness (m)
  • L57: 700-500mb lapse rate (C/km)
  • LCL: Lift condensation level (mb) from surface data
  • LI: Lifted index (C) using 100 mean layer above surface
  • SI: Showalter index (C)
  • TT: Total totals index
  • KI: K index
  • SW: Sweat index
  • EI: Energy index

    This is a parcel trajectory (the yellow line on the sounding) based on 100 mb mean layer.

  • CAPE: Convective available potential energy
  • CINH: Convective inhibition (open ended)
  • LCL: Lift condensation level (mb)
  • CAP: Cap strength (C)
  • LFC: Level free convection (mb)
  • EL: Equilibrium level (mb)
  • MPL: Maximum parcel level (mb)

    Wind parameters

  • STM: Estimated storm motion (knts) from 0-6000m AG mean layer, spd 75% of mean, dir 30 deg veer from mean.
  • HEL: Storm relative helicity 0-3000m AG (total value)
  • SHR+: Positive shear magnitude 0-3000m AG (sum of veering shear values)
  • SRDS: Storm relative directional shear 0-3000m AG (directional difference of storm relative winds)
  • EHI: Energy helicity index (prop to positive helicity * CAPE)
  • BRN: Bulk Richardson number 500-6000m AG (prop to CAPE/bulk shear)
  • BSHR: Bulk shear value (magnitude of shear over layer)

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